Maritess Zurbano

Master Magician, Hypnotist, Speaker


Strolling Magic/Tarot Card Readings

Maritess has over 23 years experience in baffling audiences around the world with her sophisticated sleight-of-hand, uncanny divinations and enchanting them with her youthful outlook and hilarious personality. Strolling magic brightens up any room and sparks conversation for weeks after the show is over. 

**two hour minimum


Magic/Mentalism Show

This hour-long show features Mentalism, the supreme magic of the mind. Zurbano uses non-stop audience-participation with feats that impresses even the most analytical minds. She demonstrates mass-mindreading and uses the danger of knives to prove her powers of clairvoyance. 

Watch as any audience member calls out playing cards and they instantly appear in her hands. See her read the minds of several volunteers, without their permission! This 100% clean and baffling show has amazed sophisticated audiences around the world. 

**1hour show


Magic/Mentalism/Hypnotism Show

Hilarious hypnotism that respects her audiences and improves their lives.

Maritess Zurbano is the only Filipina-American professional stage hypnotist in the world. She has been profiled by Newsday, Lifetime Television, the BBC News and The Village Voice. She has astounded audiences for 24 years, performing over 200 college/casino/private events. She brings hilarity and entertainment to people of all ages internationally. Her message of self-empowerment is shared through demonstrating the power of the mind. Audiences are shown how improve their own performance in their personal and professional lives. This includes reducing stress, improving concentration, and fulfilling their goals no matter how big or small.

**1hour show

**1.5 hour show