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From the halftime show at the University of Oregon Men’s basketball team, to the conference room of The Paul Allen Artificial Intelligence Institute, to colleges around the country, audiences have never laughed so hard in their lives when the see their colleagues do amazing things under hypnosis.

Hilarious hypnotism show respects her audiences and improves their lives. Maritess Zurbano is the only Filipina-American professional stage hypnotist in the world. She has been profiled by Newsday, Lifetime Television, the BBC News and The Village Voice. She has astounded audiences for 24 years, performing over 200 college/casino/private events. She brings hilarity and entertainment to people of all ages internationally. Her message of self-empowerment is shared through demonstrating the power of the mind. Audiences are shown how improve their own performance in their personal and professional lives. This includes reducing stress, improving concentration, and fulfilling their goals no matter how big or small.


She is an outspoken advocate for women and people of color to break barriers in non-traditional fields.  She uses the theme of magic and mentalism to invite a wide audience into polarizing conversations about race, gender, and colonization.Maritess is a member of several oranizations and is active in the Asian-American community.  


Zurbano is both a Hedgebrook Literary Fellow and a Jack Straw Fellow, has been published in several literary magazines and wrote an Op-Ed for the Seattle Times on magic. She has been interviewed and featured by Lifetime Television, BBC News, Epoch Times, New York Newsday, and The Village Voice. Her unique status as a prominent female magician informs her writing.  Her one-woman show has been produced off-Broadway in New York at Ars Nova, The NYC International Fringe Festival and in dramaturg collaboration with the New York Public Theater. As a mentalist, she has worked as a master phone psychic in New York and internationally.

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