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Maritess specializes in guiding her clients to unleash their subconscious power to make major life changes.  Whether your goals are to quit smoking, lose weight, improve performance professionally, personally, artistically, academically, lower stress, and more,  Maritess can unleash your subconscious mind to fulfill your goals.

As a Master Hypnotist, life coach, and energy tarot card reader, Maritess employs her gifts of experience, a sense of humor, and heightened awareness and empathy as a breast cancer survivor to transform her clients lives.

With her new office open in the Greenlake, Seattle area, she is able to see clients in-person (with an air purifier for safety) or on Zoom. International timezones welcome.

Email today to arrange your free ten-minute phone consultation.

Tel: 206.659.8172






“I’ve been a professional artist for 15 years. After my divorce, I faced a devastating artistic block. I found myself not being able to pick up my paintbrush. A friend recommended Maritess and I came to her doubting my identity as an artist. After my first session, I ran home and completed three commissions that very day.”

Carrie B, Artist

Mark E, Private Client

"Maritess is truly a master of her work.

I have worked with hypnotists before but have never been able to go under.

This time it was so easy for me. 

Maritess offered such trustworthiness and true deep understanding of my life issues and blockages, it was like I had known her for years. And I literally talked with her for one or two hours. Before my session I suffered from physically crippling panic attacks.  I would literally be numb from head to toe and nauseous and would be unable to function. Sometimes I would even get tunnel vision and inability to speak. 

Well, with one session, I was able to realize how these started—from witnessing an act of violence as a child—and I was able to work through why the physical issues would come on. I was trying to protect myself. Before this session I had no recall of witnessing the event—even though others told me I did see it.  So I was able to find a way to remove this protection I made as a child, that was ultimately hurting me.  Additionally, I was able to work up the courage to end a very destructive friendship.  I got more assertive in my life. 

I felt so free after this session and did some work that is still lasting.  

I would say I went deep and reprogrammed some deep fears . 

I felt completely in control, as if I were watching from the outside. I knew I could stop at any time.  A few times I needed to take breaths or breaks and she was very supportive of me guiding my own work and working at my own pace.

Maritess has a keen and highly intuitive nature, and I can say I live today without the physical panic attacks. A life changer for sure."

Elle Borsodi, Private Client

“I quit smoking after three sessions with Maritess. What I did not expect was the personal attention and guidance she offered in living my best life. I haven’t smoked in over four months. My life is opening up in ways I once thought were impossible. I continue to see Maritess and consider her to be my therapist, coach, and cheerleader.”

I had a great a coaching session with Maritess where she helped me to understand more about my motivations and what good looks like for me in my career. I found the pre and post session 'homework' quite useful as a guide to the discussion. It was clear that she had a natural ability to empathize but also to provide pragmatic feedback and an actionable way forward. I would highly recommend a session with Maritess and will happily sign up again in the future as and when the need arises. Thanks Maritess!

George A, International Online Client

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